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New York Concert Review (Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall, New York)

A top-notch ensemble, the Amael Piano Trio! ...Amael Trio brought unity and vigor to both old and new...The synchronization was marvelous, particularly in the string doublings.... All three blended in a way that was rich and warm, but also translucent, like the sonic equivalent of amber...The performance (Five short pieces by Slovenian composer Milko Lazar) was one of extreme precision, and it would be hard to imagine it being played more convincingly than it was by this tightly knit ensemble... it was a fulfilling musical evening, and this is a superb ensemble.
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The Classical Source (The Forge, London) ...a superb Beethoven's 'Archduke', full-blooded in tone yet also respectful of structural clarity. Magical colouring of modulations, highlighting of luminescent thrilling, and fresh shades... ...Yet the Variations of the "Archduke's" third movement was the highpoint, a transcendent, calm flowing beauty of tone, the rhetoric involving and absorbing...
The Classical Source

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Radio Belgrade (Great Hall of Kolarac Belgrade) ... The concert of Amael Piano Trio shall remain reasonably be remembered as a great artistic event of valuable guest artists from Slovenia... ...L.M. Skerjanc's Maestoso lugubre oppressed by the tragedy of this score, which requires balancing of pathos and restraint, was realized through a saturated, dark sound range, and deep sound conformation, which occurs only as a result of common breathing...

Playing in some parts of the "Nocturne" by Shubert on the very threshold of hearing, members of the trio Amael here demonstrated exceptional subtlety of mutual listening, like the kind of prompt with silence...

After only a brief introduction of the first paragraph, in which, after performing a solo piano, imperceptibly interfere section violin and cello, it was clear from how much restraint, lyricism and, why not, the nobility, the AmaelPiano Trio interpret Beethoven's music

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Other reviews

New York Concert Review: Amael Piano Trio at Carnegie Hall, June 2006

Amael Piano Trio is a very fine group. The stringplayer's intonation is impeccable; their tone is rich, beautiful and homogeneous and can vary from floating delicacy to vibrant full-bodied sonorousness... A large multi-national audience rewarded the performers with warm approval and prolonged ovations.

Vjesnik, Croatia

Pianist Tatjana Ognjanovic, violinist Volodja Balzalorsky and cellist Damir Hamidulin collaborate on an extremely high level of musical communication. These three excellent musicians, all of them masters of their instrument, amalgamate their respective expertise in a high-quality musical experience... in Brahms the sound displayed luxury, power and temperament, confirming the high technical level, the accomplished interpretation and the excellent musicianship of this leading Slovenian trio.

Radio Slovenia

...Perfect symbiosis of intellect and passion...
Radio Slovenia...
Editor's Review- June 2007
This award-winning Slovenian group plays its renditions of 19th-century German and Russian luminaries with a masterful cross of red-blooded force and delicate restraint. It's that balance of vigor and vulnerability that distinguishes these works; this trio hits all the right notes.